Hopefully, you arrived here from one of my books or from my website, so you already know a little bit about me and the books I write. If not, well...that's a long story. I'll share a little bit about who I am in the first email you get from me after you sign up. 

Bottom line, though? I write all sorts of romance. Paranormal romance, erotic romance, romantic suspense, and more. I have plans for an erotic (or at least steamy) thriller I hope to release in 2018. 

If you join my Unstoppable Readers' Group (that's this list), you can pick one of my books to download FOR FREE! Yep. A totally free, full-length novel. 

I send two newsletters a month unless I have a new release, in which case, you might get a third email from me. Also, I'll try to only send you emails about books you're interested in. So please choose what types of romance you enjoy!

You'll hear more from me very soon!


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